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Y Coin: First in History To Have a Crypto Democracy Voting
May 24, 2021 • 5 min read
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Y Coin is a brand new cryptocurrency that aims at changing the way that cryptos work. The main goal of the company is to transform the infrastructure of the cryptocurrency into a system that would use more democratic votes. In this system of a single vote, the value of a person does not depend on how many cryptos they own or their wallet amount. Each and every person gets a single vote regardless of their crypto savings.

Y Coin was created by Youssof Altoukhi, a really young 15-Year-old entrepreneur who also knows his way in the area of stock investment.

Youssof’s ideas and crypto knowledge often shock enthusiasts who are baffled by the young mind’s skills. The young mastermind’s plans are fixed for an extremely long term. The DAPPS has already been planned for Y Coin. The realm of cryptocurrency is complicated even for grown adults and for most, it takes a team and a lot of years to master it. With such experienced and aged people as his peers, Youssof is setting a record and an example to the entire world. Not only appreciating his wide knowledge in the area but also his desire to bring forth a change in the system so that the community as a whole is treated equally. The plan is to have a true democracy with “decentralised coin controlled by the people, not the organisation”.

Y Coin that is going to go by the abbreviation of YCO, will have an emission rate of 200,000 a month and maximum supply of 150,000,000.

The brand new architecture of Y Coin is a huge innovation in its area. With the use of Y Coin’s GHOST protocol (Greedy Heaviest Observed Subtree), the new blocks are massively encrypted by not affecting the speed hence the new token is by no doubt, safe and secure. Y Coin beats Bitcoin with a speed of 25 TPS attributing to the ERC20 framework. It is the first coin in history to have a crypto democracy with a voting mechanism.

The concept of Y Coin currently under development where everyone gets to vote has never been ventured before and thus has huge innovative growth potential. One can buy Y Coin early before it publicly launches at only $0.0015 a coin which will be available on the 15 of February from and Eventually, it will launch on other exchanges too.

This article was written by Yahoo Finance