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Y Coin’s signature ecosystem application with some of the most innovative and experimental features in the cryptocurrency world.

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    Governance is the process of voting for changes in a blockchain currently in cryptocurrency. When people vote using the current governance model, it favours the biggest coin holders due to voting power being dictated by your stake in the coin. This causes a voting power imbalance and potential issues such as 51% attacks.

    With Y Coins’ democratic governance system, each individual gets a single wallet with a single vote. Each month Y Coin will hold a session where users can create and vote for changes to the cryptocurrency. Once you vote for a proposition, you cannot vote for another during that session, and your vote will always count as 1 point no matter your coin balance.


    Easy Transfers

    At Y Coin, we believe wallet addresses are a thing of the past. Due to this, we have implemented a system where each user gets a customisable username from which funds can be sent to and from without the hassle of double-checking if the wallet address is correct. On the Y Hub, all transfers to users are completely feeless.


    Easy Earn

    Earn Y Coins by watching 30-second advertisements. After three successful advertisements are watched, you will get the coins deposited straight into your wallet.


    Smart Staking

    Users will be able to stake coins with multiple options for the APY; the higher the API, the longer the lockup period is. During the lockup period, users cannot transfer the coins put into the staking wallet. The more total coins staked, the lower the APY becomes.

    The starting rates are:
    3% APY
    Coins are unlocked and can be withdrawn anytime
    30% APY
    Coins are locked for 1 month
    100% APY
    Coins are locked for 3 months

    Simple Buy

    Purchase Y Coins easily using Apple or Google pay through the application.



    To vote your account must be 1 month old and have $10 worth of $YCO. This is to ensure our voting system is filled with unique individuals rather than bots.

    At the start of each month users are able to create proposals for 1 week. The following week is the voting period where users are able to vote for their favourite proposal, 3 days before the end of the month the results of the voting period are displayed

    Yes, but if you vote for your own proposal, you will not be able to vote for another proposal during that voting period

    Proposals will win if 51% of all users on the application vote for the proposal and that proposal gets the most votes within a voting period. Winning proposals get implemented all at the same time usually within a year’s time

    For every advertisement, you watch you will be paid in our cryptocurrency $YCO. The amount earned will differentiate from day to day, but the amount earned per ad will be displayed on the Earn sections page within the application

    After you successfully watch 3 advertisements the coins will appear in your account

    No! Watch as many advertisements as you like with no limit on the amount you can earn.

    Each advertisement lasts 30 seconds.

    Simply click one of the following payment methods, then select the amount of $YCO you want to purchase, and that’s it!

    Depending on your device you will either have the option of Apple Pay or Google Pay

    Unfortunately to allow the simply buy features we are only able to allow buying at the moment. If you want to sell your coins, feel free to use any of the exchanges $YCO is listed on.

    Upon account creation, you will be asked to create a customisable username. Once this is done you are able to receive all payments to this username on the platform. Whenever you want to send out a payment simply type the person’s username.

    All peer-peer transactions through the Y Hub are completely feeless

    You start by entering the number of coins you want to stake and the percentage yield you want to earn on it. You have three options, the higher the yield the longer the coins will be locked for. You will be able to claim rewards every week or so and once the lockup period ends the coins will be unlocked and sent back to your main wallet.

    Yes, the percentage yield will drop in stages when certain thresholds of demand are met. These changes will be available to view in the application.

    Yes, staking rewards will be in your wallet once claimed. Only your main stake can’t be withdrawn until the lockup period ends