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Y Coin set to make digital currencies more democratic with the launch of its new digital wallet by entrepreneur Youssof Altoukhi
May 24, 2021 • 5 min read
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Y Coin, a new startup in the cryptocurrency space is set to adapt a new kind of voting mechanism to make digital currency investing more democratic.

Founded by 15-year-old entrepreneur Youssof Altoukhi, Y Coin is an ambitious startup founded by a young stock investor who has a big passion for digital currencies and wants to make a difference on the world stage.

Having impressed industry peers and inspired his friends about his vision for a democratic company in the digital currencies space, Y Coin is adapting to the ERC-20 protocol that will enable token holders to interchange them on the popular Ethereum blockchain when it launches later in February.

With the surge in Bitcoin and institutional investors entering the fold, the digital currencies market is going through a process of maturity, with more investors setting their sights on the new opportunities available to them. With the ERC-20 protocol, Y Coin will be capable of speeds of up to 25 TPS vs 4.6 TPS with traditional Bitcoin. Blocks will also be heavily encrypted thanks to a new CHOST protocol (Greedy Heaviest Observed Subtree).

Y Coins will be offered at the valuation of $0.0015 per coin when it goes live officially on February 15. Users will be able to access their offering through Vindax and then Uniswap shortly after the launch. With the company’s unique voting system, regardless of how much crypto is held within a wallet, everyone will receive a single vote.

With its new concept and more advanced data structure, Y Coin will provide enhanced security for investors as the growing momentum of DAPPS (Decentralized applications) in the cryptocurrency space leads to further innovation and security improvements.

The company’s ultimate goal is to have a fully decentralized hub where users will be able to communicate and vote changes to the network. It is also aiming to partner with additional financial institutions and blockchain companies to help promote the coin globally and will participate in blockchain forums and build a presence in places like Bitcointalk to further the conversation around cryptocurrencies, and to enable a one-to-one exchange with the creators of Y Coin. 

To learn more about Y Coin, visit the official website and discover the latest community updates on Reddit and Instagram.

This article was written by Digital Weekday