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Welcome to democratic governance

Welcome to democratic governance

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Currently in cryptocurrency when people vote using the current governance model it’s unfair as it favours the biggest coin holders due to voting power being dictated by your stake in the coin. However with Coin’s democratic governance model this is not the case. Each person will get a single vote regardless of their stake in the coin.

Y Coin has a IOS, Android and Desktop application releasing soon called the Y HUB. We have multiple sections where users can interact with the coin in different ways.

1 Absolute Democracy

Y Coin’s initial main purpose is to provide a platform for users where we all share an equal portion of the voting power. This provides a more interactive experience where the coin's holders dictate the coins future.

2 Easier Transfers

Wallet addresses can be a hassle when it comes to coin transfers. Y Coin is adopting a new approach to the transferring funds. The Y HUB will allow users to transfer tokens effortlessly & conveniently only using the persons name/username.

3 High Yield Staking

With the launch of Y Hub we are aiming to offer the some of the best staking rewards currently on the market for a limited time.

4 The Hub

Introducing the home for all of Y Coins features. Y HUB. The Hub is an iOS, Android and desktop wallet application that allows for all the features Y Coin has to offer

Y Coin Roadmap

2022 Q4

Release of the Y Hub

2023 Q1

Testing viability of current model and making changes to ensure no bots are present

2023 Q2

On chain version of Y Coin democratic structure will be under development.

White Paper

The Y Hub is the ecosystem application where all of Y Coins feature exist. The Y Hub will have:

  • Proposals & Democratic Governance
  • Staking
  • Easy Transfers and Payments
  • Earn
  • Trade
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