Team Members

Youssof Altoukhi
Founder & CEO of Y Coin
Youssof Altoukhi is a teenage entrepreneur that specialises in ventures in the technology space. He has years of valuable experience in the blockchain field.
Esham Habasi

COO of  Y Coin

Esham has a broad experience managing a variety of brands by using media planning and execution tactics.

Zack Ahmed

CMO of Y Coin

Zack Ahmed is an award-winning & multi-disciplined digital leader psychographically targeting the post-millennial market by devising intelligent go-to-market and scale-up content marketing and growth hacking strategies in the media, tech, music and creative industries.

Eric Fomba

Technical Marketer of Y Coin

Eric Fomba who graduated from Stanford Business School is a specialist in brand and company marketing. He is an entrepreneur that is experienced with Google SEO and product analysis.

Backend Developers

Advanced Solidity & C# Backend Developers 

Y Coin has 20+ experienced Solidity and C# developers working tirelessly in the backed to develop all of Y Coins revolutionary features.